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EN Standard, ISO Standard, FDA Standard, BS Standard, ASTM Standard, ISO Standard, SAE Standard


Transfer of Bulk Materials, Water, Foods, Air, Chemicals, Gases, Hydrocarbons, Steam,
Brine, Base Oil, Baryte, Cement, Drill Water, Diesel Oil, Liquid Mud, Potable Water, etc.


Bunkering, Blasting, Plastering, Concrete Placement Truck, Silo Discharging, Cement Truck, Surface Treatment, Submersible Pump, Irrigation System, Cleaning, Sterilization, Washdown, Cooling System, Compressor, Bore & Pneumatic Machine, Mining, Shipyard, Fabrication Yard, Marine Exhaust, fume, Vapour, CNG, LPG, Leisure Boat, Steel/Glass Manufacturing, Oil & Petroleum, Food & Beverage, Chemical & Petrochemical, Cement, Steel Plant, Tank Cleaning, Welding Gases, Hot Bitumen & Asphalt, Jet Fuel, Street Sweeper, Floating Roof Drain, Cable Protection, Tank Truck, Petrol Station, Paint, etc.

Nominal Bore

3/16” to 12” NB

Operating Pressure

Up to +120 Bar

Operating Temperature

Minimum -40 Deg C, up to +240 Deg C


  • Tube/Cover : Oxide Ceramic, NBR, XLPE, EPDM, SBR, CSM, NR, CR, FPM/FKM, UHMWPE, IR, IIR, MQ, CM, ECO, FEP, PFA, PTFE, Glassfibre
  • Construction : High Tensile Textile Plies, High Tensile Synthetic Yarns, High Strength Spiral Steel Wires, Steel Spiral Helix Wire Embedded, Antistatic Wire

End Fitting Type

Fixed & Floating Flanges, Male Threaded Nipples, Female Threaded Swivel Nuts, Claw Couplings, Ground Joint Couplings, Camlock Couplings, Bauer Couplings, Dry Disconnect Couplings, Breakaway Couplings, Hammer Unions, Quick Disconnect Couplings, etc.


  • Safety Breakaway Couplings
  • Dry Disconnect Couplings
  • Marine & Dredging Hoses
  • Oilfield Rotary, Vibrator & Well Service Hoses